I love his expression at the beginning as well as the words on his shirt

Sound on! Aaaaaaaahhhh

It looks so cool but not when it happens to you.

I was definitely expecting kicking

Got snake gif and want to freak out nosy comment readers

Negligent discharge of a watermelon.

Oooh, poor little guy, that final look tho he knew the punishment that he’ll get

This makes me laugh every time

I would be one of these ppl lmao

The bride falling!! OMG on her wedding day, that must have been terrifying.

That’s what self-isolation makes with people

When a yummy is one and there are two little cute boys

a groundhog in the courtyard of her house, who ate a piece of pizza.

Unpleasant situation

Loving brother

Well done played as it should

Horse racing ended, habits remained

Motherhood – a work 24/7

Dude, you seem to have no more girlfriend

Played with a beluga whale …and i lost

epic fail

He’s appetite has disappeared lol

Smile, honey, I’m taking a picture of you!

Look, he is stealing our poop.

Well, someone had to ruin the vacation.

Katana Sword from Aliexpress VS Coca Cola

check out my stick birds

A thief gets away on live TV! bruh, and he just let him go?

From lazy to smart af.

This is hilarious. 2

Girls dancing on the street and mail lady

Two types of summer preparations

My plans for self-isolation

Happy friends


How to make the best exit

Gently turned over on the roof

Oo thats you

This is war, brother! Tears will not help here!)

Like a glove

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