When someone asks me to do something.

Lol. Little boy have fun

Birthday in style.

When you are with your best friend.

Man fund in his phone a video with his sons fighting

Me when it comes to ice cream

team work makes the dream works

this video makes me happy

Funny dog

Hasckie wants to take a bath but are not allowed to.

When you haven’t seen your best friend in long time.

When you are new man at new work place. Prank.

Police? O my gad what to do

Best motivation to do more and more lol

Me at work

when u say something horrible to someone …

Haha Lol

When ur a fatty but also a vegetarian

The girl that throws the phone is so me

Omg that actually scared me when it jumped

wow i thought he was going to knock himself out

That’s freaking cute I love it

That’s what I call team work

This is the cutest thing ever

Kiss my punch. Lol

If I said no then it’s no.

Job well done.if he hadnt doe that she would have always feared

Aaawww that so sweet

this guy here just made the case much more complicated

I’m not taking him in this house! man said to police. Prank.

Cute little horse near Dublin Airport

Irish Dad has his pants switched just before he’s due to leave hotel for his daughters wedding in Spain.

Swans are the most beautiful birds.

how to survive a shark attack

Aishwarya Rai EPIC FAIL.

Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed Drive?!

Epic pole vaulting fail

EPIC FAIL: Cameraman Loses Everything.

EPIC FAIL: Cameraman Loses Everything.

Bull leaps over 7ft high fence

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