the hottest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen Lana

Always nice to see the women be thirsty as well. Sweet dreams

Don’t make eye contact. Looks like old silky went rogue on ya

How to fold a fitted sheet. How to fold a fitted sheet.

You are not doing it right! Look you do it!

Whats wrong baby

This is the best breakdancing cat I’ve ever seen.

Lana Rhoads sends greetings to your friend

My reaction when I look out the window…

This seems like a really silly thing to do.

Well it seems to be working. You got her to laugh, always a great first step!

All aboard, in the flip flop express, wooo! wooo!

It time to Wake up

Shot went where he was looking

Me after 3.45 minutes of “running”.

My upstairs neighbors At 2 AM.

That poor man LOL how sweet is he?! The moms just dying laughing and he’s like…

the dirtiest prank using peanut butter.

She lookin like wa the hell

hes not different he’s just dancing with flow

This is AWESOME…. these guards got some moooooves!

They both look like they need a good sausage.

He certainly knew exactly what he was doing

200 Balls Automatic Nerf Blaster Gun

Poor kiddo tried to make friends with a bunch of Angry Cats.

My Favorite food!

That’s one way to get your girl wet

Kung fu dog Unbeatable maneuver.

Heard you were talking shit, your dog activates high alert mode

Haha! Purrkour! That’s actually a good pun!

what a heck ho do you do that

The Invisible String prank

So very intelligent. They’re having so much fun!

I’ve never seen a cat look more heartbroken.

scream like a girl he should try to be manly so he say ‘fuxk’ Lol

Mad respect for him even getting on the ride.

Big plans for the day…

She’s lucky that shit didn’t blow up earlier

That gingerly walk. LOL!

doggie see, doggie do!

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