She’s lucky that shit didn’t blow up earlier

That gingerly walk. LOL!

Negligent discharge of a watermelon.

Oooh, poor little guy, that final look tho he knew the punishment that he’ll get

This makes me laugh every time

I would be one of these ppl lmao

The bride falling!! OMG on her wedding day, that must have been terrifying.

Horse racing ended, habits remained

epic fail

Well, someone had to ruin the vacation.


How to make the best exit

Like a glove

Lucky she didn’t eat beans earlier

That was unexpected

Bad brakes

shoot and foall

Like a gangsta

Funny and sad

Here you go

Where he was going to

That’s looks very painful

Adorable family fail

Volleyball is not meant to be played in your house.

lol he shit his pants

That was a good help

Quarantine last day

I hope he is ok after that fail on to that handrail

when you are little bit stupido

A dangerous undertaking, it’s good that everythink went well, was so funny

Why he was detained …

How to clean your nose in 3 seconds with cocacola

The truck driver in the warehouse only makes a mistake like this once.

Fail to catch him lol

Got tallant fail

Summer fail’s video compilation

Who is wrong here

when you are drunk but also a ninja

The history of one accident somewere in this world.

A selection of failures (fails) with weapons

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