Sound on! Aaaaaaaahhhh

It looks so cool but not when it happens to you.

I was definitely expecting kicking

Got snake gif and want to freak out nosy comment readers

Negligent discharge of a watermelon.

Oooh, poor little guy, that final look tho he knew the punishment that he’ll get

This makes me laugh every time

I would be one of these ppl lmao

The bride falling!! OMG on her wedding day, that must have been terrifying.

That’s what self-isolation makes with people

When a yummy is one and there are two little cute boys

a groundhog in the courtyard of her house, who ate a piece of pizza.

Unpleasant situation

Loving brother

Well done played as it should

Horse racing ended, habits remained

Motherhood – a work 24/7

Dude, you seem to have no more girlfriend

Played with a beluga whale …and i lost

epic fail

He’s appetite has disappeared lol

Look, he is stealing our poop.

Well, someone had to ruin the vacation.

Katana Sword from Aliexpress VS Coca Cola

This is hilarious. 2

Two types of summer preparations


How to make the best exit

This is war, brother! Tears will not help here!)

That was unexpected

shoot and foall

Volleyball is not meant to be played in your house.

Do not touch my fish, I’ve seen it first

lol he shit his pants

Poor bear )) bees bit his nose)

That was a good help

Thats why its good sport

Quarantine last day

Funny cat

I hope he is ok after that fail on to that handrail

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