Next time, the pranker will choose a smaler man (if after swimming in the river he doesn’t want to joke anymore)

when girls at school have nothing to do

lol they was very lucky

Lol wait for it

Video Compilation of Scare pranks and more.

Battlefield 1 – Game Fails & Funny moments

Funny multiplayer gaming moments

That dude was overexcited lol

Failloween. Funny fails in Battlefield One

I find it amazing that its possible to find such a large group of fools that doesn’t react to this. Battlefield five

Seringe battle world war one. Lol

Conor McGregor injured his hand in a very hard sparring

The last kill in firestorm with shovel for Victory.

That last kill was really good lol.

3 squads left last circle I last two..

Some real tank driving skills in Battlefield V.

Funny moment in battlefield five, flying enemy.

Trigger Happy Finger with this rifle.

I use fear as a tool in Battlefield five lol.

Donald Cerrone VS Tony Ferguson is OFFICIAL no money

Throwing grenades back in Battlefield 5

Melee kills animations in BF1 are amazing…never gets

Testing out some mini game modes with guns

Okay Wtf dice, we were in the next zone…

Lol when you see a guy standing in one spot something..

Snook in to steal the tank from under his nose lol

Conor McGregor RETIRE from the sport of MMA.

When your friend is an expert helicopter pilot lol.

Conor McGregor wants his share & equity to fight in…

It’s Swiss cheese time lol

When you find a camping sniper in Battlefield

Kind of feel bad for that guy. Bad spawn.

Tonight’s BFV, nice Snipes

This video is for fun, but never to disrespect anyone.

Hope you like this edit.

Repair tool for the enemies. Lol

We heard the last two squads start brawling and…

When you blow them outta the doorway.

Killed the last squad for the Win.

Don’t you love hitting shots with the Peacekeeper?

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