Life’s about taking things into consideration.

That dude was overexcited lol’s a double plane kill with new antiplane gun.

Tank sniper, some multikills with a tank

When you kill the same dude twice and his tank buddy…

Kubelwagen police patrol goes horribly sideways.. Lol

Well, time to delete the game for that person

TINY TANK comes in a pack!

Hunter mode lol

He everything wrong in this clip haha.

Shredding with STG 44 AROUND.

Don’t tell me you can’t PTFO as recon/sniper class

Sniping with the Lee Enfield …not my favorite at all

Ooof…. not many get a flyby of the JB2. Well done

Lewis gun game play on Rotterdam.

The last kill in firestorm with shovel for Victory.

That last kill was really good lol.

3 squads left last circle I last two..

Some gameplay and funny moments of bf5 and some bf1.

Hunting tanks, planes and AA guns in Battlefield five.

Some guy beat me down to the train . Had to do a runner

Don’t ever leave your back gun empty on a transport!!!

Trigger Happy Finger with this rifle.

I use fear as a tool in Battlefield five lol.

When ur dead but still killing it.

Battlefield V, thanks for putting these guys. Lol

Breaking killfeeds with these monster V1 rockets!

Throwing grenades back in Battlefield 5

Saved myself, squad mate, and a random. I’d say medic,

Highlights from grind conquest on Narvik.

This medic was on point with this revive.

Okay Wtf dice, we were in the next zone…

Bailing the plane for that final sector push…resulted

dropping me behind enemy lines…wait till the end..

Erm wtf…did really just shoot the panzer on the air..

Compilation of tank battles/tank kills in Arras, Hamada

When your squad mate has no legs lol

Short run with the M1922

So many lives saved, That’s how medic should play

Every squad needs a killer sharpshooter; yes we won.

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