nice feeling to end the clip with that knife

The Trusty Revolver. Got some serious revenge.

Another good game on Hamada.

Got him with the knife for the Victory

Firestorm it’s awesome

Rush Twisted Steel with the Turner SMLE…

Shit I kick their asses …this is my objective

12 Kills in a few Seconds!

Unlucky to get all these teammates revived..

That Pointstack Thoooooo!

PTFO awesome BF 5.

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode ‘Firestorm’ launches

Kind of feel bad for that guy. Bad spawn.

Played some rush as medic and support.

UNSTOPPABLE! First game on Rush mode in Battlefield 5

Mal wieder mit der PIAT rasiert! Battlefield five

My favorite STG all the way

Looks easy from here, but..

That blue skull is so satisfying!

Another plane taken down. . .

Nasty shotgun playing.

Scout plays on Twisted Steel with the KAR98 Revolver..

Well I wasn’t expecting that..

Tonight’s BFV, nice Snipes

Tanks, planes, takedowns, and flanking action!

Rush is great it’s so intense finally arrived.

New Ross Mk 3 does the job very well.

This video is for fun, but never to disrespect anyone.

The new Mosquito packs a punch! My favorite plane.

Funny Moment. I tried to hide. Lol

Show the enemy what you’re made of in the Unstoppable..

Sniping with Ross MK III great rifle.

The hangar it’s cleaned from the enemies.

Nice kills bf5.

Nice clip taking enemy’s down.

Tanks destroyer.

The Waffenbehalter goes through planes like butter!

Clearing the bridge. .

Shotgun Fun. BF5

Destroying thanks and vehicles in world war two.

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