Next time, the pranker will choose a smaler man (if after swimming in the river he doesn’t want to joke anymore)

Somewere on our planet

A selection of winter fails

Lucky wooman… sometimes things hapens..

what a landing

when girls at school have nothing to do

The bus fell into a drain hole in Pittsburgh city centre.

lol they was very lucky

two girls Pole fail video

Drunk gardener fails to stand cuting the grass

Cheerleading video fails compilation.

Fantastic! The ultimate pest control!

The last 2 players in a SOLO Mode in Fortnite had a lightsaber battle! this game its Awesome.

Battlefield V Funny moment

She just makes boring game interesting.

Wale jumped out of the water few inches from the girl

They got what they deserves

Saint Patrick’s day parade Blanchardstown 17/03/2018

A dog, two raccoons and a tiger for a walk.

The Queen caught being rude UK.

Wow! Black Swan.

Funny grandma.

The Epic Hailstorm Day.

Celebrity of the Week: Bella Hadid

Wait for it…

How dutch people react to a guy with a knife.

Norway stopped the game to clean the snow

Glitch in matrix

Your belt its …Momma…. momma…!!!

Lauv – I Like Me Better

I am a girl, working as an IT Specialist.

how not to rip the skin

Till death. lol

You can’t fit here…

Dont ask why

Load management. crazy driver

15 years old bodybuilder

Saxophone guy

Car wshing flying boy fail. lol

It’s just a prank bro

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