Next time, the pranker will choose a smaler man (if after swimming in the river he doesn’t want to joke anymore)

Somewere on our planet

A selection of winter fails

what a landing

that was a good combination

when girls at school have nothing to do

I’m going, going to a neighboring village to a disco …

Funny videos and fails compilation

two girls Pole fail video

Video Compilation of Scare pranks and more.

Drunk gardener fails to stand cuting the grass

Cheerleading video fails compilation.

CS:GO funny moments compilation

Battlefield 5 MULTIPLAYER Trolling & Funny Moments

Battlefield 1 – Game Fails & Funny moments

Funny videos at work with some funny jokes compilation.

PUBG funny moments

Showoff cars fails video compilation.

Epic fails compilation.

Behemoth on invizible bridge

Okay Wtf dice, we were in the next zone…

dropping me behind enemy lines…wait till the end..

When your squad mate has no legs lol

When your friend is an expert helicopter pilot lol.

Wow. Lucky day.

How to NOT Dunk over a CAR!

Ski jump epic fail

Flipping 20 Dirtbikes at Once .


Car wshing flying boy fail. lol

Cat’s epic fail at trying to catch a bird

Amy Schumer Has Epic Guest

Comedy, Funny vids comp..

Man Falls On His Face.

Remy Metailler – 2017 Epic mix !

This Snowboarder Breaks His face. lol

When Snowboarding Roof Jumps Go Wrong

Kayaking Scary Rapids…

Freestyle Kayaker Devyn Scott Has Epic..

The Wiley E. Coyote Snowboard Slam

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