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Extracted (2012)

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Title: Extracted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
Film Rating: R
In Cinema: 2012
Year: 2012
Description: A scientist who has invented a technique to watch people's memories finds himself in a dangerous situation after he's tasked with entering a heroin addict's mind to see whether the man committed murder.

Director: Nir Paniry
Writers: Nir Paniry, Gabriel Cowan
Stars: Mattie Grace Campos, Sasha Roiz, David Sullivan, Gabriel Cowan, Eric Darnell Redding, Jenny Mollen, Ty Simpkins, Rodney Eastman, Chuck Cobb, Augie Duke, Tim Ziesmer, Jay Bingham, D.T. Carney, Frank Ashmore, Charles Milano, Nir Paniry, Bernhard Forcher, Sarah M. Pott, Jen Davis, Scott Voss, Matt Fowler, John J. Fischer, Nakoa Lee, Robert Lewis Stephenson, Nick Jameson, Richard Riehle, Seth Boston, Mark Putnam, Brad Culver, Darren Melameth, Sara Tomko, Dominic Bogart, John Suits, Lula Dransfield, Kaiwi Lyman
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