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Looper (2012)

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Title: Looper
Release Year: (2012)
Runing Time: 118 min
Genre:  Action | Sci-Fi
Film Rating: R

Description: In the year 2042, a mob hitman assassinates targets that arrive from the future of 2072. For him it's just a job... till he receives a new target: himself from the future.

  Rian Johnson
Writer:  Rian Johnson
Stars:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt

Related Names: Nathan Johnson, Wayne Douglas Morgan, Jaanika Kaarpalu, Emily Blunt, James Lesley Taylor, Rian Johnson, Garrett Allain, Han Soto, Josh Perry, Logan Douglas Smith, Frank Brennan, Jay Amor, Brian Oerly, B.J. Parker, Suzanne Severio, Jeff Daniels,
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