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Captive (2013)

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Title: Captive
Release Year: (2013)
RunTime: 88 min
Genres: Action | Thriller
In Cinema: 14 May 2013

Description: A detective wanted for murder kidnaps a skilled journalist and holds him captive for a night in a race to reveal and destroy the corruption plaguing his city.

Directors: Jordan Brown, Jonatan Burnett
Writers: Jordan Brown, Jonatan Burnett
Stars: Eric Breker, Cory Rempel, Dalias Blake
Related Names: Christopher Wilson, Childs Hultquist, Cory Rempel, Mitch Spicer, Jordan Brown, Eric Breker, Romuald Hivert, Jean Paul Najm, Jessica Lee, Laura Filice, Dalias Blake, Samantha Brown, Kendra Anderson, Jonatan Burnett,
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