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17 Streaming Movies to Watch This Week

The beginning of each month is an exciting time wherein Netflix dumps a large number of new titles onto their streaming service. Comb through those titles as well as others added in the past couple of weeks, and a few great titles bubble to the surface.

Let’s take a look at a documentary about urban design, a drama about adolescent sexual identity, an existential Western from the vaults, and a few more movies worth streaming this week.
The New and Noteworthy

Ubranized (2011)
Continuing the exploration of themes relating to development of female sexual identity she started in Water Lillies, director Céline Sciamma crafts a delicate story of adolescence in her second feature, Tomboy. 10-year-old Laure is settling into her new home and neighborhood after her parents move the family to a town outside of Paris. When she is mistaken for a boy by a girl named Lisa, Laure does not attempt to correct the mistake instead choosing to introduce herself as Mikael. She spends the Summer living unquestioned as just one of the boys as she becomes less and less confused about who she is.

Tomboy is refreshing in its lack of agenda, the film unfolds naturally and organically. There are no fingers to be pointed, Laure comes from a loving, vibrant home and her quest is deeply personal. Anchored by the revelatory performance of newcomer Zoé Héran, Tomboy is not at all about the identity into which Laure may or may settle. It is a perfectly observed drama about the importance of the journey.

Other additions of note: We Were Here, The Misfortunates, My Perestroika, Big Bad Mama, Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story, The Black Balloon, Hollywood Boulevard, Cold Sweat, Brain Dead (1990), Eat My Dust, Goon,A Horrible Way to Die, Let the Bullets Fly, Battle Royale
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